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Top 10 Tips of Using Google+ for SEO and Increase Traffic

SEO is all about dominating search results, and when it comes to a social media site capable of doing just that, Google+ is top dog. Of course, some will find that hard to believe since most people rely on using Facebook and Twitter more than Google’s own social media site. However, since Google’s access to the data stored in both Facebook and Twitter is limited, it makes it harder for this search engine to rank the information placed in these two social networks, thus limiting the effectiveness of SEO campaigns using these sites.

So for those who want to improve the traffic generated by their SEO campaign, it’s important to consider adding Google+ into the mix. To get you started, here are some tips on how you can use Google+ to help enhance your SEO efforts:

1. Embed Followed Links

One of the things Google+ allows is the embedding of followed links into your profile page using an anchor text of your own choosing. The beauty about this is that it allows you to drive in traffic by encouraging visitors to engage with you through your posts. Remember, the more people that share your posts or link back directly to your profile, the more your profile links become valuable, thus increasing your chances of moving up the ranks in search engine results.

2. Make Use Of Post Links

Facebook and Twitter let you add links whenever you post a message on your wall or your timeline. Google+ also offers the same feature but with a better benefit – the link you add to your post can be used for optimization. Similar to “followed links”, if visitors consistently link back to your post or share it with others online, the more exposure it gets making it more valuable overtime. This will automatically enhance your web presence, allowing you to achieve better ranking.

3. G+ Title Tags – Use Them To Your Advantage

Title tags are often utilized by SEO specialists to their advantage and Google+’s title tags should be no exception. The first sentence of your copy will automatically be considered the title of Google+ post. So make sure to sprinkle it with the right set of keywords and most importantly make your first line catchy. By doing these things, you can easily increase your chances of ranking high in search engine results and at the same time, improve your click-through-rate. After all, if the title is engaging, people are bound to be enticed enough to click on it to see what it’s all about.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Edit

Editing is a premium when it comes to Facebook and Twitter. That’s not the case with Google+. Now what’s the advantage of being able to edit a post, you ask? Well, imagine if one of your posts becomes popular and goes viral. Any chances of updating it to maintain its current popularity will be difficult if you posted it either on Facebook or Twitter due to their limitations when it comes to editing. You either have to do a repost or post a new entry altogether. With Google+ however, you get more control over your posts enabling you to edit them whenever you need to without any restrictions.

5. Share Content For Faster Indexing

Google is the top search engine right now so it’s a no-brainer that it will do its best to index posts coming from its social media platform quickly compared to other social media websites. So if you want a page or a website to get noticed, make sure to post about it in Google+ to ensure quick indexing. Shared content – particularly URLS – will automatically be crawled upon by Google’s spiders enabling them to rank higher in search results once combined with your other SEO strategies.

6. Mention Key People Or “Influencers” In Your Industry

People with influence have a way of garnering attention. Hook up with these people online and you’re bound to get your fair share of attention as well. Since the last thing you want is to end up stalking them, you could use Google+ to help connect with them. So how do you get them to influence a post you’ve made without looking like a stalker? Well, you could mention these people in your posts, comment on their posts, share what they’ve written, send them an invite to an event you’re hosting, add them to your circle, or if you’re bold enough, talk to them. Just be honest in your approach to avoid being blocked or marked as spam.

7. Maximize Your Profile Picture’s Full Potential

Most people fail to realize this but your profile picture isn’t just there to show visitors what you look like. It’s actually a valuable commodity in terms of optimization. All you have to do is to take advantage of Google+’s author tag. Simply type in a catchy description to match your dashing profile picture and you have another way of driving in traffic that can help you improve your standing online.

8. Make Use Of Google + Social Media Dashboard

If you’re particular about the traffic coming into your Google+ page, one of the tools you need to take advantage of is Google+’s Social Media Dashboard. Developed by Adam Singer, this free tool is similar to Google Analytics since it gives you an in-depth report of the traffic occurring in your Google+ page. It also provides you with other metric information such as On Site Social Actions, Revenue per Visit by Social Network, and Overall Traffic Stats by Social Science.

9. Check Your Followers Using CircleCount

Even though most people would hate to admit it, they get giddy when they amass a following. So for those who want to use Google+ to optimize a site or their own profile, one tool that should be part of your arsenal is CircleCount. CircleCount enables you to monitor the growth of your followers, whether your posts have become viral, and even allow you to compare your CircleRank score against other Google+ users.

10. Start Using Google+ Before Everybody Else Does

Not everyone is still open to the idea of using Google+ full-time and that’s something you should take advantage of. Since everybody is still caught up with using Facebook or Twitter, you’ll be one of the first to maximize Google+’s full potential into helping you gain more exposure and boost your standing online through its various tools and features. Simple things such as posting, commenting, or just by clicking on the +1 button can do wonders for your online exposure. By the time people realize what they’ve missed, you’ve already managed to capitalize and enjoy the benefits of using Google+ for your SEO needs.

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